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Who are we?

Abroxe is a proud manufacturer and exporter of quality beauty instruments, jewelry making tools and pet grooming tools based in Sialkot, Pakistan. Integrity and excellence are at the core of our business practice, service mentality, and product delivery. Our customers are loyal because they have confidence in the superior craftsmanship of our tools. Every instrument that you receive has been meticulously handcrafted-we believe in a blend of tradition and technological advancement when it comes to our products. With Abroxe, you really see - and feel - the difference.


What do we make?

The cornerstone of Abroxe is the depth of our product offering. Our beauty instruments are wide-ranging and highly specialized, including handmade scissors, hair-cutting scissors, barber and dressing scissors, hair-thinning scissors, cuticle nail nippers, nail cutters, multipurpose and tailor scissors, eyebrow tweezers, and more. Our pet grooming tools and jewelry making tools boast an equally impressive selection range.

You get tools of the finest made quality because we have complete control and ownership over every step of the process. All of our instruments are made at our very own manufacturing unit in Sialkot. You get peace of mind as we ensure both quality control and full accountability. This means that you receive tools with solid design, durability, sharpness, balance, and usability and the finest finish.


Who are our customers?

Here at Abroxe, we measure our success by the strength of our customer relationships. Our customers come from all around the world to access our trusted products and services. They include wholesale buyers, saloons, barber training schools, beauty parlors, saloon equipment suppliers, manicure spas, pet grooming saloons, jewelry makers, jewelry designers, and home users.


Why should you choose us?

Dealing directly with the people who make your tools means that you get the best personalized service. We closely monitor every stage of the process for quality control and take full responsibility for our creations. We manufacture to each customer’s specifications. For example, we can be partners in creating your company brand by customize your tools with your ‘Name’, ‘Trade Name’, ‘Company Name’, or ‘Brand’.

Our facilities cater to the needs of businesses great and small and are capable of producing bulk quantities within any delivery period. You’ll find competitive prices according to your unique material and design specification. At the same time, we serve to educate and provide you with timely and helpful information. Abroxe is committed to lifting industry standards in customer service.


Our mission and vision:

Our company mission is to continue focusing our expertise, workforce, and technology towards developing superior instruments. Vast experience in the field of manufacturing has helped us understand what is really important: integrity, professionalism, and quality. We enact these three principals in every aspect of our business and customer service. Into the future, Abroxe will keep building on our reputation as a leader in the beauty tool manufacturing market and consolidate its unique name in the minds of our valued customers.