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Beauty Instruments
Beauty Instruments

Abroxe made Beauty Instruments are symbol of quality, some of the tools we manufacture Professional Barber Scissors, Razor Edge Scissors, High Quality Titanium Scissors, Nail Nippers, Pink Zebra Scissor, Thinning Scissor, Razor Edge Scissor..etc with extra care.
Abroxe Handmade Scissors made with high quality J2 Japanese stainless steel with sharp & durable blades, These scissors are best for professional barbers to perform their daily haircuts with less stress on their hands.

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Pet Grooming Shears
Pet Grooming Shears

We offer Pet Grooming Shears with high quality stainless steel material, expertly-crafted with well sharped and durable blade life, in our pet grooming shears we offer all sizes and colors. Ideal for professional or personal usage.

Pet Grooming Shears are ideal for hair grooming, regular haircuts and pet grooming, these shears comes with many features like Adjustable Tension screws and light weight handles with Finger Rest options. Suitable for dry or wet hair.

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Jewelry Making Tools
Jewelry Making Tools

Abroxe brings high quality tools for your jewelry making needs. Using quality tools for the job will give you more grips and stabilize designs while working. Our jewelry tools range includes Curved chain-nose pliers, Chain-nose pliers, Crimping pliers, End-cutting nippers, Flush-cutters, Round-nose pliers etc.

Abroxe jewelry making tools specially designed to cut into tiny places with ultra-sharp edges and great for trimming in small areas. Explore our Jewelry making tools range.

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About Us
Abroxe is a proud manufacturer and exporter of quality beauty instruments, jewelry making tools and pet grooming tools based in Sialkot, Pakistan. Integrity and excellence are at the core of our business practice, service mentality, and product delivery. Our customers are loyal because they have confidence in the superior craftsmanship of our tools. Every instrument that you receive has been meticulously handcrafted-we believe in a blend of tradition and technological advancement when it comes to our products. With Abroxe, you really see - and feel - the difference.